Mathieu's Chocolate and Coconut Milk Supreme

This recipe is from notes of a description of the recipe given to us by Mathieu at Mathieu's / Chez Sop'Hea (Sophia) restaurant at the main entrance to Angkor Wat.  Sop'Hea was his Cambodian wife, she has since moved on and he runs the restaurant on his own now.  The lunch here was about the most expensive we had in Cambodia, but his specialty of confit duck is worth the USD25 price, including his free floorshow (himself) and a free sample pot of the following dessert.

He seems to be quite free with the recipe, here is a slightly different version taken from a Travel blog:

"And in the meantime, I give you a recipe, given to me by a French restaurant owner called Mathieu at whose place I stopped for lunch today. That guy was a real character, he wanted to move to Cambodia 18 years ago but the government does not allow foreign people to own a house, so he set up a restaurant (foreign people can own a restaurant) and simply sleeps in the restaurant. On the tables. No kidding. It's really good for the back apparently.

Creme au Chocolat de M. Mathieu

* Take some dark chocolate (85%)
* Take the same weight in coconut milk
* a bit of sugar
* some cinnamon
* a vanilla pod
* a dash of grand marnier
* a bit of coffee (either a bit of very strong coffee or some coffee liqueur)

Mix it all for 20 mins in a bain marie (instead of putting the pan directly into the hob, you put it into a larger pan full of boiling water). Then beat it up (eg with an egg beater machine). Add a drop of Angusura bitter.

Then put in tiny little pots and chill. I had a tiny little spoon to eat it and somehow it made the taste very refined. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. (one option is to pour a mini dash of Calvados, but a good kind, which I got to taste, hmmm)."

This is the version Andrea made:



As with the blogger above, Mathieu stopped us just as the 4 of us were nearly finished the single complimentary pot and added a dash of aged Calvados, we stirred it in and practically licked the inside of the cup clean.